The advantages

The healing properties of snail slime allow a wide range of use. Heliderma is a great help for acne and for any type of scar on the skin. It is also a valid remedy against stretch marks, wrinkles, redness and spots on all types of skin, whether dry, oily or mixed.
The Heliderma snail serum cream is particularly indicated in the treatment of acne. The effectiveness against the scars that acne leaves on the face is guaranteed by the combined action of allantoin, elastin, collagen and glycolic acid. These natural substances, thanks to their purifying and regenerating action, greatly reduce the signs of the disease. Glycolic acid frees the pores and facilitates the action of allantoin which, in turn, soothes and heals, eliminating redness.
Stretch Marks
Redness and irritation
Dry skins
Mixed and oily skin
Skin spots


Cosmetic products based on snail slime.
Ideal for acne, scars, spots, wrinkles and much more.
You can buy our products easily online.

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